Breast Aesthetics

Breast has been the symbol of maternity and fertility in women throughout history. It is also one of the basic components of female charm and beauty. In the definition of beautiful and attractive woman, the breast holds an important place, round and plump lines complete the female sexuality. It is one of the main parts of curved female stature.

As in the whole body, changes occur in the breast due to reasons such as age, weight loss, breastfeeding and birth. These negative changes can be corrected according to the person's needs.

Small breasts can be augmented, very large ones can be reduced, sagged ones can be lifted and supported with prosthetics. All these procedures can be combined with additional interventions, such as fat injection. Customized plans can be made in accordance with the person’s problem.

Breast aesthetics are not specific to women. Breast growth in men (gynecomastia) is also a problem that can be solved easily.

How should the ideal breast be?

All the breast tissue, or slightly above the crease into the crease under the breast descends.

Beautiful breasts are defined by plastic surgeons as follows:

  • The nipple is 19-22 cm from the collarbone
  • The upper part of the breast is flat or slightly concave, the lower part is plump and convex
  • 45% of the breast tissue is located above the nipple and 55% is below the nipple
  • All the breast tissue is above or slightly descending to the inframammary fold.

All those mathematical descriptions refer to the quantitative values obtained by evaluating a large number of breasts. However, “beauty and attractiveness” are electro-chemical perceptions that contain senses far beyond these values. “Beauty” can not be achieved within certain mathematical patterns.

Breast should be examined in correlation with many factors such as the age of the person carrying it, the structure of body, spine, hip and chest, the condition of mammary glands and skin, status and expectation. The evaluation of the physician and patient together determines the suitable breast contour, size and structure.

The breasts, which look beautiful in one body, may appear large, small, or flaccid in another body. Each breast should be treated and evaluated specifically according to the body.

Why breast aesthetics?

  • In women with small breasts, augmentation surgery is performed to ensure proportional body contours, especially to improve hip-breast ratio and to obtain a fuller breast.
  • Loss of volume or sagging of the breast may occur after pregnancy. Breast lift can be performed in these cases.
  • In most women, breasts are not the same size. In cases where this is extremely obvious, breast aesthetics are applied to ensure symmetry in the breasts.
  • After breast cancer (congenital in some cases), the breast may need to be reconstructed.
  • The aging of previously placed breast prostheses, loss of function or other problems are also the reasons of breast aesthetic surgery.
  • Women feeling unhappy due to failed breast aesthetics can be revised.
  • Large breasts cause very serious neck, back and shoulder pain, rashes and hygienic problems. It is possible to get rid of these problems with breast reduction process.

The treatment of breast growth in men is also breast aesthetic surgery.

Types of breast aesthetics

There are different kinds of breast aesthetics that can be decided and applied according to the type of problem.

Breast augmentation

It is the process in which breasts are enlarged by silicone prostheses (implants) or by fat injection (in appropriate persons).

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Breast reduction/mammoplasty

Breast reduction surgery is a reconstructive procedure to solve problems caused by large breasts. The aim is to create smaller volume breasts proportional to the body.

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Breast lift (Mastopexy)

It is the process of forming a more vertical and shaped breast in cases where the breasts sag due to weight loss, breastfeeding and birth.

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Breast (Cancer) reconstruction

Today, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in women. According to statistics, one in every eight women will have breast cancer during her lifetime. This is why millions of women lose partly or all of their breasts every year due to cancer.

Breast loss causes deep physical and psychological problems for women. Breast reconstruction can be applied to treat these problems.

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Enlarged breasts in men (Gynecomastia)

Breasts, which are the symbols of femininity, cause social and psychological problems if they are over-sized in men. Gynecomastia is the surgical operation that is done to get rid of all those problems of men.

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Is there an age limit for breast aesthetic surgery?

In general, the completion of body development should be waited for breast aesthetics surgery. For this reason, it is not recommended as an ideal treatment in men and women who have not completed puberty. Anatomical development of breast tissue is usually completed at the age of 18-20. After this age, breast aesthetics can be performed.

Things to consider before breast aesthetics

Before breast aesthetics, you should make sure that you think in the same direction as your doctor. Mutual trust and accurate informing of the patient is the key to success.

Let's have a look at the things to do before breast aesthetics:

  • You should absolutely inform your doctor about previous surgeries and the medications you are using.
  • You should share with your doctor if you have any cancer treatment in your family
  • Before surgery, there should be a doctor's check and blood tests should be done. Such important tests should not be left to the last day.
  • Preoperative mammography and ultrasound tests are important
  • The matters such as the appropriate operation method, correct prosthesis shape and proper size for your body and how your body shape will be after the operation are important and you should talk to your doctor and agree before the treatment.

Is there any scar after breast surgery?

Before breast surgery, “scars” are the most discussed topics. Before the procedure, everyone states their concern about it and asks if a scar-free solution is possible. But no one mentions the scar after surgery. Because the breast is more shaped and proportionate, the scar does not come to mind. Anyway, the scars will fade and diminish over time.

In all breast augmentation, reduction and lift surgeries, scars will occur depending on the technique used. Particularly in lift and reduction procedure, scar is inevitable as excess skin will also be removed. But these scars diminish unobtrusively when the healing process is completed. Among these surgeries, breast augmentation is the most advantageous in terms of scars. Not only the scar is very small after breast augmentation operation, but also it does not appear even in the nude condition since it will remain on the underside of the breast, either.

Breast aesthetic prices

Nowadays, breast aesthetic costs are not as high as you think.

The main factor determining the price is the hospital and the materials to be used (prosthetics, bras, suture material, etc). The quality of the material used, of course, affects the price.

It is forbidden to specify prices on the internet due to legal requirements.

Therefore, please do not rely on the price information obtained on the internet without knowing which materials, which prosthetics will be used, in which clinical environment and under which medical qualifications he/she will perform and without being sure of his/her expertise on the subject.

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