Prominent Ear

Prominent Ear

Prominent ear correction (otoplasty)

Prominent ear is seen in approximately 1 out of every 5 children. While it may be regarded as a cute deformity at a very young age, it can also be mockery at school age. It can cause psychological problems for children who are teased by their friends in this way.

What is the cause of prominent ear deformity?

Although the ear is not larger than normal in the ear deformity, it appears to be that way. Since the ear is facing forward, it immediately draws attention at first glance. Whereas, the ears are normally the least noticeable area on the face.

There are 3 main causes of prominent ear deformity:

  1. Ear folds are not clear enough
  2. Concha(ear hollow) is too deep
  3. Coexistence of these two deformities

Due to these reasons, the ear has a greater angle with the head than it should have, it turns forward instead of leaning and stands more apart.

At what age should a patient have an otoplasty?

By the age of 6 years, the ear size reaches 85% of the adult size. This surgery can be performed from this age.

How is an otoplasty performed?

  • The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia in young children, while under local anesthesia and sedation in adults. One night hospital stay after the procedure is recommended for patient comfort and safety.
  • An incision is made behind the ear and the cartilage is rasped. Cartilage fold is formed with the sutures. If the ear hole(concha) is too deep, cartilage is removed from this area. Again, the ear is reclined closer to the head with sutures.
  • Since the incisions are hidden behind the ear, there are no visible scars after surgery.

Duration of otoplasty

It takes an average of 1-1.5 hours

How is the process after otoplasty?

  • After the procedure, the ears remain wrapped for 3 days. After the dressing is opened, ‘a tennis player bandage’ is used continuously for 7 days, day and night. After that, the bandage should be worn at nights until the end of the 3rd week.
  • It is advised to protect the ear from trauma for at least 1 month.

Is there any scar from otoplasty?

Since the incision scars from surgery remain behind the ear and the angular aperture of the ear no longer exists, scars cannot be seen even from the backside.

Is the effect of otoplasty permanent?

The effect of prominent ear correction is permanent.

It is not possible for the corrected ear to revert back after the procedure because the problem related with the formation and development of the cartilage structure in the ear will not relapse since structure development is over.

Does prominent ear correction affect hearing?

Simply, the prominent ear correction is an aesthetic operation and has nothing to do with the hearing function of the ear.

Is non-surgical ear correction treatment possible?

The only permanent solution to the treatment of the prominent ear is surgery.

Although some methods are mentioned such as the use of adhesives, pressing, fastening and stitchless correction, these methods do not have the ability to treat the prominent ear, contrarily they may even be harmful.