Lip Filler
Lip Plumping

Lips are one of the most important elements of female beauty and facial aesthetics. Having thinner lips by birth or thinning with aging can bother women. Many women try to enhance their lips with liners and various makeup techniques are used for this.

Besides, lipstick is a very important make-up material for women and it is necessary to have fuller lips to make lipstick more effective. Over time, the lines and rifts formed on the lips affect the appearance of lipstick and the stacked lipstick in these rifts creates a disturbing image.

The solution to these problems is lip filler.

With the fillers applied to the skin, we aim to reduce wrinkles, give volume and fullness, moisturize the skin internally by increasing its water content and give it a more bright and vivid appearance. It is particularly effective in the early stages of age-related changes in the skin.

Why is lip filler needed?

By using lip fillers, it is possible to shape the lips and make them look more plump in cases where lips are thin congenitally or due to aging and also in cases when wrinkles, lines and rifts on the lips create an unpleasant appearance with and without makeup.

In aesthetic surgery, lip filler is the most commonly used method for lip aesthetics. The content of these fillers, which are used for aesthetic purposes, is a substance called hyaluronic acid which is naturally present in the structure of human skin. Hyaluronic acid secretion in our body decreases due to aging. This reduction leads to the loss of elasticity of our skin.

Reduction of hyaluronic acid, a water-retaining molecule, leads to an impairment in the fullness of the lips. It is possible to plump your lips with hyaluronic acid, whether you are uncomfortable with the fullness of your lips at birth or the thinning of your lips due to aging. Since it is a substance already existing in your body, it is extremely compatible with your body and dissolves over time without any side effects. In other words, filler with hyaluronic acid is an organic process.

Sure, we can't say that every hyaluronic acid is absolutely safe. Like all medical materials, the production quality of hyaluronic acid is important. Our preference is always to use medically approved and high quality products. It is not possible to consider positively about cheap, poor quality and unspecified products to be applied into our bodies, just because of the price advantage. Those with high-quality, which are refined, purified and have passed the necessary tests and have qualified to receive certificates, are always the safer products.

Shaping lips with fillers

The shape of the lips cannot be determined by an objective and precise decision as in almost any aesthetic concept. Different types of lip structures may appear aesthetic to different people on different faces. For this reason, the application method of lip fillers should be decided by the aesthetic expectations of the patient and the determination of the person's lip structure and the features s/he feels uncomfortable with.

For example, some people's corners of the mouth are descending. It can be corrected with lip filler (smile lift). In cases where the upper lip folds are unclear or the red part of the lip is not plump enough, the lip can be shaped by applying filler to the related lip areas and desired aesthetic appearance can be achieved.

The process of lip filler application

Lip filler application is actually a 5-minute process, but the method to be applied, preparation and massage stages are very important. Lip filler can be applied under local anesthesia or with local anesthetic creams. If anesthesia is provided with cream, it is necessary to wait at least 20 minutes.

Application of ice before and after the filler helps both to prevent swelling and to stop bleeding more easily.

After filler, the lip is shaped by providing a more homogenous spread of the filler with massage.

You don't have to wait for days to see the result. You get more aesthetic and plump lips just after the application.

Lip filler prices

Lip filler prices vary according to the experience and knowledge of the physician applying, the quality of the clinical environment in which it is applied and of course the quality of the filler used in the application.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Chamber, it is forbidden to announce the prices of the aesthetic applications on websites. Therefore, you can contact us for lip filler prices.

Questions from you about lip filler

Is lip filler a painful process?

Painkillers are added to some products to prevent pain during application.

Additionally, analgesic creams or nerve blocks (such as during dental treatment) are applied beforehand to ensure a painless application.

Is there any side effects of lip filler application?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body and has no side effects. Infrequently, slight bruising and swelling may occur at the point of needle but this is temporary and although very rare, it will pass within a day or two.

Is lip filler a permanent process?

The filler application is not permanent. How long it will take for it to dissolve varies depending on the speed at which your body absorbs the filler, the quality of the material and the amount of filler used.

Some amount of it will remain in your body from each application. Although the duration of application is prolonged, usually within a period of 8 to 12 months it should be repeated.

Permanent (non-melting) fillers do not give the opportunity if you want to revert when the results are not satisfying. Thus, I don't use it. In addition, permanent fillers may also cause problems such as allergy, infection and deformity in later periods.

What is silicone lip prosthesis?

Silicone lip prostheses are thin, long and in the form of strips, can be used in different sizes according to the person. Permanent lip prosthesis can be placed with a small incision under local anesthesia. If the person wishes to revert, prostheses can be removed with local anesthesia.

Are you performing silicone lip prothesis?

Silicone lip prosthesis Silicone lip prostheses are thin, long and in the form of strips, can be used in different sizes according to the person. Permanent lip prosthesis can be placed with a small incision under local anesthesia. If the person wishes to revert, prostheses can be removed with local anesthesia.

is a thoroughly thick and strip-shaped prosthesis. Therefore, it thickens all over the lip at the same rate. But usually different parts of the lips need different fullness. For this reason, I find it more accurate and beautiful to shape the lips with fillers rather than silicone prosthesis. Shaping with fillers is more suitable for artistic and creative applications of the performer and gives much better results in my opinion.

My lip is not symmetrical, will it be corrected with filler?

In fact, many people's lips are not symmetrical. It is often very difficult to fill the thin part completely. Although it is difficult to ensure a fully symmetrical lip with lip filler, it will be possible to achieve a more symmetrical, aesthetic appearance that is harmonious with your face.

Will it be noticable that I had a lip filler?

Lip Filler will be unnoticable if it is applied properly with the correct filler by careful and experienced hands.

But the poor quality or excessive filler material and the wrong parts of the lip will of course be obvious and will look bad.

Does lip filler cause loss of sensation in the lip?

While it was possible for permanent fillers used in the past to cause loss of feeling, fillers containing hyaluronic acid that we use today do not cause loss of feeling. No mimic loss is observed, either.

What is french lip?

In fact, there is no definition of “French Lip” in plastic surgery literature. This is a marketing strategy.

The aim here is to thicken the middle of the upper lip, leaving the sides blank and to allow the fullness of the lower lip to cover into these spaces. Does it suit everyone? I think no.