Botox Application


Botox had been originally used as a medicament for years and since it was found out, by chance, that it corrected wrinkles in the area where it was applied, it has been used widely in the aesthetics.

There is a question that I would like to answer from the very beginning because it was asked too many times. Botox is not snake venom.

What is botox?

Botox is the toxin of a bacterium found in nature called Clostridium Botulinum (Botulinum Toxin Type A). This bacterium is produced in laboratory environment, purified, refined, overly diluted and presented as a drug. So Botox is actually an organic treatment.

3 different brands of western origin botulinum toxin are on sale in the market (not mentioned here as I don’t use Indian or Chinese products). The product we call Botox is actually the brand name of botulinum toxin produced by Allergan company. Botulinum toxin is called Botox by everyone since it is the first brand to be released on the market. Other brands are Dysport and Neurobloc. Over the years, of course, new brands will also be available.

Botox was first used by ophthalmologists in the treatment of strabismus. Afterwards, it was approved by FDA for the treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows(glabellar region) and came into use in aesthetics. It is currently the most performed medical aesthetic practice all over the world.

How does botox work?

Wrinkles on the face usually occur due to contraction of the underlying muscles. For example, a person who frowns a lot has deep scratches between the two eyebrows. Or, for people who use mimics, forehead expressions and the mouth and eye region muscles a lot, it is inevitable that deep wrinkles will occur in these areas. Botox is injected into these muscles to prevent excessive contractions. The aim is to correct wrinkles with repetitive practices.

Some facial muscles work diametrical. For example, some muscles pull the eyebrow down while others pull it up. By using these contrasts, it is possible to lift eyebrows, corners of mouth(smile lift), masseters and neck.

When botox is injected into the muscle, it temporarily blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The person can not run this muscle even if s/he wants to. This message block is temporary. The effect disappears after approximately 4 to 8 months depending on the dose, the region, the repetition, and application method. As the unused muscle becomes weaker with repeated applications, the action time will be longer.

When does botox take effect?

Botox starts to show an effect within 3-5 days after application. The full effect may take 15 days to settle.

How long does botox last?

The effects of Botox last on average 4-6 months. Repetitive applications increase efficiency and extend the time.

It can be combined with fillers when necessary.

What areas can botox be injected?

The most effective area for Botox is the upper part of the face. Forehead, eye edges(crow’s feet), lower eyelids, nasal tip, corners of the mouth, upper lift wrinkles(smoker’s lines) and neck bands are the areas where Botox is most commonly injected to.

It is also frequently applied to armpits and palms to prevent sweating.

Wrinkle treatment with botox

Botox is a widely used aesthetic method for the treatment of thin lines and wrinkles on the face due to aging and for the temporary treatment of lines between our eyebrows that cause a frowning appearance.

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) treatment with botox

Botox temporarily blocks nerve transmission in the treated area. By applying botox to the area, the transmission of cholinergic nerves that cause sweating and thus the production of sweat is prevented.

Botox for migraine treatment

Botox, which prevents the release of neurotransmitters in the areas where the nerves end, by being applied to the nape, neck, forehead and temporal region, has also been used in the treatment of migraine pains.

Is botox a safe method?

Botox has been used in the medical world for over 10 years. FDA approved botulinum toxin products are safe.

Today, however, we see that botox brands, which are unspecified in which environments they were produced in and which are not approved, are applied by people, such as hairdressers, who have absolutely no qualification, experience and training for a medical practice. Please stay away from such applications. Your involvement in these practices instead of doctors and clinical settings will seriously impair your health.

Is there any loss of mimics after botox?

In botox applications, the person is not intended to have a dull face without expression. Such a result actually indicates a bad, failed application.

The desired is to temporarily weaken the over-working and corrugating muscle and to adjust the doses so that the person's mimics can be used while performing this. Here, experience, skill, theoretical and practical knowledge is required. These failed results are  inevitable, if everyone regardless of qualification tries to apply botox with injection. There is no doubt that with the correct Botox application your facial expressions will not be lost.

Likewise, botox application does not cause swelling on the face. People with swelling on their faces have either had other procedures or experienced allergic reactions due to illegal or poor-quality fillers/drugs.

Can botox be combined with other aesthetic /anti-aging applications?

In general, Botox application can be combined with other aesthetic applications. In combination with lip plumping, face filling, ultrasound or aesthetic laser treatments.

Is botox injections painful?

Very fine needles are used during the application, so there will be no pain. If necessary, anaesthetic creams may be used before application for hypersensitive persons.

Is there any side effect of botox?

Botox side effects and complications are relatively negligible. Although not very common, they are also temporary if experienced any.

Very unlikely, a mild headache or a temporary bruising that disappears in 1-2 days and is concealable with make-up may be seen.

Also, Botox injection to a near point of the eyelid as a result of incorrect application may cause the eyelid to close temporarily. This is very rare, too.

For whom botox should not be used?

Botox is not applied to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It should not be applied to patients with myopathy(muscle disease), Botox allergy and with the ones on medication of aminoglycoside group, blood thinners, calcium channel blockers and muscle relaxants.

How much does botox cost?

There are different factors affecting botox prices. One of the most important is the purpose of Botox use. Botox injection to remove wrinkles and treatment for migraine or excessive sweating are different applications.

In addition, the brand and the origin of Botox, the doctor who performs and the environment in which the application is performed will affect the botox prices.

You can contact us to learn about Botox prices.

Question from you about botox

Does botox paralyze the muscles?

Botox inhibits the release of substances that enable transmission in nerve endings. This way, the contraction of the muscle in that area is prevented. But the Botox-injected muscles are not permanently paralyzed. The effect of Botox is passed in 4-6 months. The muscles will begin to work again.

Is botox snake venom?

Botox is definitely not snake venom. It is a neurotoxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It is obtained from bacteria just like antibiotics and vaccines.

Post botox instructions

At least for 3 hours after the application, the head should not lean forward excessively and the patient should not be lying face down. No position restriction after 3 hours.

You can apply make-up after 3 hours.

Bathing can be done on the same day, but do not be in extremely hot environments such as hammam / sauna on the day of application.

Is botox applied on the lip?

“Lip Botox” is a concept we often come across on the internet. There are even sites that describe how to make lip botox.

To the lip, very low doses of Botox can be done with the goal of reducing vertical lines. The main aesthetic method used to shape and make the lips look plump is lip filling.

Is botox used for men?

Today, a large number of men have Botox applied to reduce wrinkles on certain areas of their faces. In fact, the term “bro-tox” (brother+botox) is used for this. It is a very common application to prevent palm perspiration among men.