Preparation Before
Aesthetic Operations

- In all aesthetic procedures, we organize each stage in the best way for your comfort and the easiest post-procedure process. Therefore, please do not stress and relax. Our team will help you at every stage and answer all your questions. Our phones are available 24 hours a day for you to reach us anytime you want.
If you have had previous surgeries, illnesses and medications, please inform us about them. Be sure to consult us on how to take the medicines you use regularly before and after the procedure.
- You must inform us if you are using blood thinners (aspirin, ecoprin, babyrin, coumadin, xarelto, clexane etc). It is necessary to cut aspirin and its derivatives at least 5 days before the procedure. They may cause excessive bleeding during and after surgery.
- Do not use painkillers or other drugs without consulting us in the last one week. Painkillers may contain blood-thinning substances.
- Do not use herbal teas, vitamines, diatery supplements, sportive supplements in the last week. They also contain blood thinners. You can drink coffee and black tea.
- If you have a blood clotting disorder or clotting factor deficiency, please inform us.
- If you have experienced clotting in the leg veins (deep vein thrombosis) or clotting in the lung (lung embolism), please inform us.
- Since birth control pills cause clotting in the leg veins, we recommend that you stop 4 weeks before the procedure.
- We recommend that you quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the procedure and not to smoke at least 1 month afterwards. Smoking disrupts wound healing. And it slows your recovery and worsens the scars.
- If you are going to have breast surgery, you need to have a breast ultrasound in the previous 6 months. It is important for follow-up after the procedure.
- A few days before the procedure (or in the morning of operation date), our anesthesia team will examine you and perform the necessary examinations for anesthesia. Please inform our anesthesia team as well, about your medications and current illnesses. If you have had flu like symptoms, cough, nasal discharge in the last week, please inform your anesthesiologist.
- Please read the informed consent form carefully and ask us all questions you have in mind.
- At least 6 hours of fasting is required before the procedure. Therefore, don't eat or drink anything after 12:00 at night.
- If you are going to have a tummy tuck, use the medicine given for bowel cleansing in the evening before the procedure.
- When coming to the hospital, please bring comfortable and loose clothes (pyjamas, track suits, dressing gowns etc) with front buttons or zippers. We do not recommend that you wear buttonless clothes such as sweaters or undershirts after the procedure.
- You can shower before leaving home/hotel if you wish on the day of the procedure. Do not make up while coming to the hospital. Do not apply nail polish. If you have metal objects or piercings, remove them all. Inform us about nonremovable ones, if any. Do not wear contact lenses and fake nails.
- Menstrual periods of women are not an obstacle to surgery. However, the hormonal condition may change especially the shape of the breasts, beside causing the body to get edematous. Therefore, we prefer not to be in the period of menstruation.