After Abdominoplasty
(Tummy Tuck)

- After the procedure, you will stay in the hospital for 2 days.

- When you wake up, you will have drains in your abdomen area. These drains will be removed in 2-3 days.

- When the drains are removed, you can take a whole body shower.

- We suggest you rest on the first day after the procedure. On the second day, you can stand up with the support of a nurse. Slight dizziness is normal in the beginning. Drinking plenty of liquid (water, fruit juice, tea, coffee, ayran etc) is useful as it will increase your blood pressure.

- We recommend that you start walking slightly bended forward. You can start walking upright about a week.

- We recommend that you wear the corset strictly for at least 6 weeks.

- You can lie on your back or side after the procedure. You have to wait about one month for lying face down. All your stitches are  self dissolving and hidden aesthetic stitches. That's why we will not remove the stitches.

- The scars appear red for the first 3-6 months but fade away over time and become less visible. Your scars will be hidden beneath your underwear. You may use the scar healing cream recommended by your doctor from the 2nd week.

- We do not recommend smoking for at least one month after the procedure. Smoking can disrupt your wound healing and cause scars to look worse.

- You can return to your deskjob after 7-10 days. If your job requires heavy physical activity, it's good to wait 15 days.

- You should protect the abdominal area from sunlight and UV for 6 months. If you are going on holiday or to the solarium during this period, always use 50F sunscreen and cover your scars with tapes. The less the stitches are exposed, the less scars will remain. Even sunrays passing through a bikini or swimsuit can darken the scars.

- You can start fast walks one month after the procedure. 2 months should be waited for heavy exercises.

- We do not recommend using blood thinning medication, herbal teas etc. in the first week after the procedure. Do not use any medication other than the ones recommended by your doctor following the procedure. Be sure to consult your previous and ongoing medication.