Hair Transplantation

After the procedure, you should rest for 3 days, tiring and heavy work should be avoided.

- For the first 3 days, any contact of the hair transplantation area with the sunlight should be avoided. A soft fabric hat that will not bother your head should be used in case you need to go out.

- In order to prevent damage to the donor and transplant areas after hair transplantation, clothes with wide collar or buttons or front zipper are preferred.

- Plenty of water should be consumed. It will be beneficial not to consume tea, coffee and cigarettes during the first 3 days.

- When sleeping after hair transplantation, lie on your back and if possible, a travel pillow (or rolled towel) should be placed under the neck. You can lie on the donor area. Protect the transplanted areas and prevent contact with the pillow. Preferably lie on your back and head slightly above.

- It will be helpful to keep your head upright as much as possible so that the edema will reduce quickly.

- After hair transplantation, the medicine we have prescribed and the recommended lotion and shampoos should be used properly.

- The day after hair transplantation, we will change the dressing of the donor area. Bring all the medicines with you while coming to hospital.

- Depending on your condition, the first wash will be held on the 2nd or 3rd day. After the first wash, you will wash your hair once a day for the next 15 days, using plenty of water and without any pressure.

- During the wash, firstly, pour the lotion we gave you to cover all grafts on your head. Wait 10 minutes for the blood clots to soften. Then, foam the shampoo in your hands, put/pour it on your head and rinse your hair. Do not rub.

- In ten days following hair transplantation, the blood clots caused by the process must have been peeled off. If there are any clots left, you can remove them with the help of massage during washing.

- The donor area will recover completely within 10-15 days.

- Do not use hairspray or hair gel for 1 month.

- Do not make sports or sweating activities for 15 days. You can start light sports after 15 days. Wait at least 1 month for sports with ball or requiring head contact.

- After the 1st month, you can swim in the sea/pool. Do not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 1 month and do not enter the solarium, either.

- Sauna, spa and bath (hammam) are free from the first month.

- Transplanted hair will be fallen off within the first month. It will regrow starting from the 3rd month. It will take 1-1.5 years for all your hair to grow.

- One month after transplantation you can have your hair cut. For the first 3 months, do not use the machine for hair cut but scissors. After 3 months the machine can also be used.