Stem Cell Therapy

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are the main constructive and productive cells that have not yet matured and when properly stimulated, they can be transformed into any type of cells needed under appropriate conditions. Stem cells are capable of self-renewal, unlimited division and proliferation. Isolation and reinfusion of stem cells to the person for treatment is one of the greatest advances in medicine in recent years.

From which tissue are stem cells obtained?

Stem cell therapies used to be applied to cancer treatment, organ transplantation and immunity problems in the first years. In these first cases, bone marrow-derived stem cells were preferred and over time, it began to be obtained from tissues such as umbilical cord and joint liquid.

What is your obtaining method of stem cells?

Aesthetic plastic surgeons have been using the fat tissue obtained from our own body as filling material for many years. During this intensive use, other positive features have also been found out in the fat filling sites such as enhancement of vascularization, rejuvenation, brightness and tissue elasticity. Researches on this subject has shown that fat tissue actually contains stem cells, too. Now, we know that fat tissue is one of the most important stem cell sources of the body and even contains more mesenchymal stem cells than bone marrow.

We use these adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in our applications. Fat tissue taken from the person by liposuction method (200-250 cc is sufficient) is subjected to certain laboratory procedures. Here, stem cells are isolated from other structures and selected. These concentrated cells are injected into the desired site.

In what aesthetic cases do you use stem cells?

In plastic surgery, we use stem cells especially for rejuvenation and filling of facial and hand areas. While stem cell injected areas are rapidly recovered, rejuvenation is achieved with the effects due to increase in vascularization, collagen and elastin fiber synthesis and skin thickness. Besides, the use of stem cells for breast augmentation has recently been on the agenda.

When performing these procedures, we can combine stem cells with adipose tissue or inject them as isolated, depending on the situation.

Today, many substances are used for filling purposes. However, using stem cells for filling or skin rejuvenation is the most advanced point. Because we infuse the cells that will provide rejuvenation and healing directly to the desired region and we use a material without any side effects as well as allergies since it is produced from the person’s own body.

What other purposes are stem cells used in plastic surgery?

Aside from aesthetic use, stem cells are used for the treatment of non-healing wounds (diabetic foot, venous ulcer, burger disease), treatment of burns or scars and for filling in deformities.

Stem cell obtention and injection procedure

If stem cell injection is the only intention, a small amount of fat is taken with liposuction under local anesthesia and operating room conditions. If they wish, especially people who come for liposuction, some fat is reserved for stem cell injection. The fat tissue obtained is processed in our laboratory. Stem cells are isolated, concentrated. And we inject to the desired area with mesotherapy method, in an isolated form or by combining it with fat tissue.

After the procedure, no hospital stay for the night is required . After a few hours of observation, the person can go home.

PRP or fibroblast injection, are they stem cell treatments?

To obtain stem cells, sophisticated laboratories have been established with huge investments. Although it is alleged that stem cells can be isolated with some simple kits on the market, this is not true. Most of them use a simple set of centrifugation and sedimentation methods. However, it is not possible with these kits to select one by one and concentrate stem cells by marking the surface receptors.

Also, no doubt that, neither PRP (plateletrichplasma) treatment nor fibroblast treatment is stem cell treatment. Application areas and objectives are completely different. It is charlatanry to introduce them as stem cell therapy.

In PRP therapy, platelets, one of the shaped elements of the blood, are concentrated and injected. In fibroblast therapy, fibroblasts in the skin taken from the back of the ear are isolated, replicated in culture and injected to the person after a few days.