Getting Ready For
Hair Transplantation

One week before hair transplantation; blood thinners such as Aspirin, all food supplements and vitamins should be discontinued.

Do not use painkillers for 1 week before the procedure. Be sure to inform us beforehand if you have any existing diseases or medicines you need to take.

  • Do not use herbal beverages and products such as herbal teas, detox drinks in the last week.
  • Stop drinking alcohol 5 days before the procedure.
  • Stop smoking at least 1 week before hair transplantation. And after the procedure, do not smoke for at least 2 weeks. Smoking causes graft loss and reduces the likelihood of graft take.
  • Come to the operation with your hair washed.
  • Do not apply chemical products such as lotion, jelly, conditioner to hair.
  • Do not cut your hair. We'll cut your hair after the examination and concert the plan.
  • On the operation day, wear comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes with front buttons or zippers. Do not choose sweaters or t-shirts.
  • No problem with having a light breakfast or eating before the operation.
  • After 6-9 hours of hair transplantation process, including the preparation phase, you can go home/hotel.